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About Katzy

The perfect gift for cats lovers, or a perfect gift a cat lover can buy his cat.

Why you should get your cat a KATZY ?

Keep your cat at Shape
Not only Katzy gives your cat a chilling zone, every time it climb and jump on and off the KATZY is like a small exercise to keep the cat fit
Secure place for your cat
Cats love to observe their surrounding from above. having their own place, with a good view of what is going out around them contribute to their feeling of security and build their self confidence
Katzy is designed to fit any room, any style - it will fit perfectly to any living room design, and serve as another decorative element
Free up floor space
We all know how is it like that our cat suddenly occupy half of our sofa, or even better when it has it's own bed. With KATZY its time to get your cat it's own place to rest, without the need to place another pet bed in our living room
Quality Fabric
KATZY is made of a strong cottom fabric to ensure that even after many times the cat is scratching and jumping on the pillow, the fabric remain whole. and by the way - it's washable in a washing machine!